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How many times have you been with a client or customer who is blind or low-vision?   When the time came to give him or her your business card, you presented them a card that was useless since they could not read it.

We now have the capability of embossing the Braille over the existing cut cards you supply. This is a durable, clear sheet that can be affixed on the same side as the printed information or on the back - your choice.  Many of our customers prefer Braille-only cards, cut to the same exact size of their printed cards. We can handle that option as well. 

We offer a fast-turnaround and a money-back guarantee!

Key Benefits

bulletAny quantity
bulletSmall quantities can be pre-cut. Larger quantities require either 10-up pre-printed or our Braille-only version
bulletMoney back guarantee

If you need a Braille-only version, we use high-quality Braille paper, similar in weight to card stock, and pricing is:



250  $37.50
500 $50.00

If you need a transparent Braille overlay on your existing cards - provided UNCUT in "10-up" fashion, OR pre-cut, pricing is:



250  $150.00  (60 cents each)
500 $300.00

Information Request

To receive more information or a sample business card, send an email to